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Powell Lenses

Powell lens is used to generate straight line. With aspherical curvature on its apex, the output line from powell lenses is even distribution of energy. For comparision, Cylindrical lenses generate gaussian beam profiles with hot-spot centre points and fading edges.
The uniformity of output line is also related with incident wavelength, beam size, divergence, and working distance.
To get even distribution of energy, The apex curvature need to be slightly modified and optimized for particular laser beam.

General Specifications  
Material: N-BK7 or N-SF5
Diameter tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Design wavelength: 532nm or 632nm
surface quality : 80-50 S/D
Clear aperture: 90%
Bevel: Protective bevel
Fan Angle(θ)
Beam size(mm)
PL-30 BK7 9.0 7-9 30° 0.8-1.0
~ 5.0
PL-45 BK7 9.0 7-9 45°
PL-60 SF5 9.0 7-9 60°
PL-75 SF5 9.0 7-9 75°
PL-90 SF5 9.0 7-9 90°
Powell lens
        How to order Powell Lenses?              Example:
Material:   N-BK7
Diameter:   Φ9.0mm
Beam size of incident:   0.8mm
Wavelength:   532nm
Fan Angle:   30°
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